PIM for global sourcing: features and functions

Is it possible to share the same product repository and classifier both for buyers and for sellers from different countries and different industries? What features should Product Information Management (PIM) systems have to do so?

Today there are only a few good examples: GS1 and IceCat in FMCG. Some experts could mention UN SPSC, which was initially developed for statistical needs. However, its application in procurement is doubtful.

Clearly, firms have unique requirements to their classifier structures and to the product information. Information that is necessary for one company might be redundant for another. Both abundance of unnecessary details and lack of vital information might reduce process effectiveness. Continue reading “PIM for global sourcing: features and functions”

Actualog: Powered by Windows Azure – опыт использования платформы

О компании

ACTUALOG – это универсальная B2B платформа для обмена информацией о продуктах и продуктовых каталогах между производителями, поставщиками и потребителями. Система предоставляет возможность организовать всю имеющуюся информацию с помощью универсального классификатора, который создается общими усилиями с привлечением сообщества экспертов.

Для удобного доступа различных групп компаний к большим объемам информации предусмотрена фильтрация по отраслевым сообществам. Это позволяет пользователям видеть только интересующие их разделы классификатора и до минимума сокращает необходимость сложной навигации по всеобъемлющему классификатору. Инновационный пользовательский интерфейс позволяет эффективно взаимодействовать потребителям, поставщикам и сообществу экспертов используя, в том числе, и такой современный способ коллективной работы как социальные сети.

Одной из важнейших функций системы является поддержка многоязычности, которая позволяет не только локализовать интерфейс пользователей из разных стран, но и хранить информацию о компаниях, продуктах и категориях на различных языках, предоставляет возможность создавать мультиязычные каталоги продукции.

С помощью относительно небольшого начального объема инвестиций   команде разработчиков удалось создать продукт с высокой степенью готовности к промышленной эксплуатации.
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Attributes Sorting by Drag and Drop

Everyone knows time consuming it is to create group of attributes and define attribute sort order for better product information view. The best solution that allows to make this job just fun is to use drag and drop.

We have great news! This long-awaited feature to sort attributes in the category by drag and drop is currently available in Actualog.

Now our experts can organize attributes and define the right order in a few seconds.


Actualog in Skolkovo

Actualog became a resident of the innovation center “Skolkovo” in November 2013.

Actualog is a cloud-based Social Product Information Management platform that brings together the expertise and knowledge of the manufacturers and most competent customers around the world.
Actualog helps companies to share information about products, materials and technologies focusing on complex technical products using the ideas of social interaction.
We provide a single version of truth about products.  «Create once, use many» is our motto.

Thinking that there has to be a different way of storing, managing, visualization and sharing information about complex products, materials and technologies, we have started to develop the concept of Social PIM platform.  Over three years of research and development, we had been created first version of the platform.

Actualog offers a rich set of functions for managing product information. However, we will continue research and development to make the product even better, and accomplishing our mission: “to allow business worldwide regardless their size benefit from the best practices in product information management”Skolkovo certificate

Actualog at Open Innovation Clinic

whyAt the end of August  in Lappeenranta University of Technology two groups of students were solving Actualog case during Erasmus Summer School 2013 Open Innovation Clinic.

Lots of modern ideas and concepts were analysed in context of developing community of experts.

Motivation represents one of key factors to achieve success in promoting participation at online communities. Intrinsic and extrinsic types of motivations for experts were compared.

The paradox is that we need less open experts community to ensure open innovation. Ease of obtaining the status of an expert makes it less attractive.  Why people are still writing articles in Wikipedia where it is so easy to edit any article? You don’t have to prove your expertise in advance and just write valuable content.

Windows Azure $60K offer for Actualog

Great news! We have got Windows Azure $60K offer.

The Windows Azure $60K Offer  covers cloud computing costs by providing up to $60K worth of Windows Azure over two years:

  • 100% of Windows Azure usage for the first year
  • 50% off Windows Azure retail for the second year

How to get in Actualog Expert Community?

Actualog Expert Network unites employees of the companies-manufacturers, their customers and independent experts.
The experts create a classifier, define product categories and their characteristics.

We invite producers, clients and independent professionals to join Actualog Expert Community.

Four steps to become an Actualog Expert:

  1. Register in Actualog
  2. Complete you personal profile
  3. Choose communities you want to join as an expert
  4. Find new colleagues worldwide and share your knowledge

After a quick moderation you will have access to the categories and will be able to work together with colleagues from around the world.