PIM for global sourcing: features and functions

Is it possible to share the same product repository and classifier both for buyers and for sellers from different countries and different industries? What features should Product Information Management (PIM) systems have to do so?

Today there are only a few good examples: GS1 and IceCat in FMCG. Some experts could mention UN SPSC, which was initially developed for statistical needs. However, its application in procurement is doubtful.

Clearly, firms have unique requirements to their classifier structures and to the product information. Information that is necessary for one company might be redundant for another. Both abundance of unnecessary details and lack of vital information might reduce process effectiveness. Continue reading “PIM for global sourcing: features and functions”

Attributes Sorting by Drag and Drop

Everyone knows time consuming it is to create group of attributes and define attribute sort order for better product information view. The best solution that allows to make this job just fun is to use drag and drop.

We have great news! This long-awaited feature to sort attributes in the category by drag and drop is currently available in Actualog.

Now our experts can organize attributes and define the right order in a few seconds.