New requirements for PIM: the disappearing frontier

The borderline between professional and personal consumption is blurring. At the same time products designed for professionals and corporate clients are increasingly being used by individuals because of lowering prices and imprved ease of use, and more and more often high-quality consumer goods are utilized for professional goals.

We observe the trend that more and more products are produced for both business and private users. For example, the growing popularity of home medicine encourages production of medical devices that can be used both by patients and by physicians.

This poses a challenge for Product Information Management (PIM) disciplines. In fact, products now need to be sliced and diced to serve different types of consumers. This means that a product sold via B2B channels has attributes relevant for that channel. The same product sold to end-user may have different attributes and incorporate additional information from customer reviews, comments, etc.

Cure for pain or an ideal solution

Why always when we talk about new IT solutions for business, we first talk about the problems that they solve? Why do we sell solutions as a remedy that relieves customer pain rather than as jewelry, furs, fine wine and other wonderful things that make this world even better?

Of course, wonderful things can be useful and even solve problems. We do not buy that kind of things for the sake of a simple useful feature, but to get closer to an ideal.

Sometimes the desire for an ideal solves problems more effectively than the straightforward approach.