Actualog at Open Innovation Clinic

whyAt the end of August  in Lappeenranta University of Technology two groups of students were solving Actualog case during Erasmus Summer School 2013 Open Innovation Clinic.

Lots of modern ideas and concepts were analysed in context of developing community of experts.

Motivation represents one of key factors to achieve success in promoting participation at online communities. Intrinsic and extrinsic types of motivations for experts were compared.

The paradox is that we need less open experts community to ensure open innovation. Ease of obtaining the status of an expert makes it less attractive.  Why people are still writing articles in Wikipedia where it is so easy to edit any article? You don’t have to prove your expertise in advance and just write valuable content.

Register of innovative products: practical approach

The idea of the “Register of innovative products” is actively discussed in Russia today. The reason behind is the government ambitions to stimulate innovations in state companies and large monopolies.

We believe that a “Register of innovative products” could be created only as a part of the “Global product register”. If you want to decide if a product or a technology is truly “innovative” you have to compare it with all other existing products or technologies at the same category.

Actualog highlights innovations, allows comparing products’ technical characteristics.

Moreover, “innovative product” is not an equivalent of “new product”. Innovation is quite subjective for the end user. Using the complete register of products that includes products at all lifecycle stages companies could make a choice to ensure innovations.