The Master Data Management world stands on two pillars: Party Data Management and Product Information Management. There are specific solutions designed to manage customer data or products information.

In fact, Most MDM initiatives are focused on a single type of Master Data. The most common areas are Party Data Integration (including Customer Data Integration, CDI and Supplier Master Data Management) and Product Information Management (PIM). Solutions that allow managing information in multiple domains called multi-domain MDM.

Actualog is a Product Information Solution.  Initially we were planning to focus on product information only. However, it became clear immediately that without company data quality it is impossible ensure product data quality. We have to know who is a producer for brand products, and we have to put a B2B product in context of its business environment, distributors, customers, service providers, research organisations. It means that we have to build integration with external systems and (or) implement functionality in Actualog to manage information about customer, suppliers, distributors, service and research organizations and other parties.

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