What is special about B2B Product Information Management (PIM)?

B2B PIM helps managing industrial products: equipment, electronic components, medical devises, construction materials. B2C PIM is for consumer/FMCG goods:  food, clothes, consumer electronics. So, what is unique about B2B PIM, is that possible to use general purpose PIM solutions to manage industrial goods? B2B PIM deals with uncommon product categories, Read more…

What will happen with printed catalogs in the new digital B2B-commerce world?

One of the most difficult questions that everyone has to answer after an exhibition – what to do with this heap of catalogs? Yes, this is my little mountain of catalogs on the photo above, just a part of it.

Actualog offers a unique classifier and provides categories templates for forty industries, and I use those catalogs to define facets, categories and attributes.
Why it is necessary to use this heavy bulky catalogues? (more…)