Actualog Social PIM: Стандарты и ИТ-платформы параметрических закупок

Как стандарты в области каталогизации могут повысить эффективность корпоративных закупок? Что такое «параметрические закупки» и какие преимущества они дают бизнесу? Какие изменения в бизнес-процессах, данных, информационных системах и ИТ-платформах необходимы для параметрических закупок? Возможности повышения эффективности собственных закупочных процессов для крупных компаний сегодня практически исчерпаны. Необходимо выстраивать и оптимизировать интегрированные Read more…

What is special about B2B Product Information Management (PIM)?

B2B PIM helps managing industrial products: equipment, electronic components, medical devises, construction materials. B2C PIM is for consumer/FMCG goods:  food, clothes, consumer electronics. So, what is unique about B2B PIM, is that possible to use general purpose PIM solutions to manage industrial goods? B2B PIM deals with uncommon product categories, Read more…

Product Data Quality: Health, Safety, and Security

Why Indominus rex could so easily escape from the cage? It had happened because the dinosaur was genetically created both to entertain kids at Jurassic World Park and to be a perfect weapon: the genetic engineers have more than delivered. The security engineers did not know that it could control body temperature. Temperature sensors were used to track a dinosaur inside the cage. Indominus was smart to become invisible for sensor and escape.

An incident became possible because Indominus features and parameters, such as IQ level, speed, ability to control body temperature, and ability to change skin color were initially unknown to the Jurassic World administration and security engineers.


PIM for global sourcing: features and functions

Is it possible to share the same product repository and classifier both for buyers and for sellers from different countries and different industries? What features should Product Information Management (PIM) systems have to do so?

Today there are only a few good examples: GS1 and IceCat in FMCG. Some experts could mention UN SPSC, which was initially developed for statistical needs. However, its application in procurement is doubtful.

Clearly, firms have unique requirements to their classifier structures and to the product information. Information that is necessary for one company might be redundant for another. Both abundance of unnecessary details and lack of vital information might reduce process effectiveness. Therefore, companies need customized product templates (item identification guides in ISO 8000 terminology) for items of procurement, items of production, and items of supply.


Waiting for the Semantic Web: Product Information Management Perspective

“People want to be a part of something that is the future”

Marc Benioff, Behind the Cloud

Anyone who has just discovered the concept of Semantic Web wonders why, despite the apparent simplicity and usefulness of the concept, its deployment takes such a long time and still does not produce any noticeable effects on business. Why a framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries remains only a concept rather than a dominating standard? (more…)

Why PIM is important?

Product Information Management in B2B: who is responsible for product data?

Understanding of a PIM system is still missing in the B2B area.  At the same time, we are witnessing two trends determining the growing importance of product information management (PIM) for purchased and manufactured products.

Firstly, it is the rise of online trading in the B2B segment. Sales and marketing models have traditionally been built around large sales forces, C-suite relationships, and enterprise-wide implementations. A disruptive new sales model, however, is emerging: digital-enabled enterprise sales more closely resembles B2C e-commerce models where large enterprise customers can research, test, and start paying for products without stepping away from their computer and with minimal sales touches.   (more…)

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