Why Indominus rex could so easily escape from the cage? It had happened because the dinosaur was genetically created both to entertain kids at Jurassic World Park and to be a perfect weapon: the genetic engineers have more than delivered. The security engineers did not know that it could control body temperature. Temperature sensors were used to track a dinosaur inside the cage. Indominus was smart to become invisible for sensor and escape.

An incident became possible because Indominus features and parameters, such as IQ level, speed, ability to control body temperature, and ability to change skin color were initially unknown to the Jurassic World administration and security engineers.

When we talk about health and safety, it is usually about processes, procedures, training, testing, protective clothing… Standardization and regulation for products that can affect safety is also considered.

At the same time essential product data might be unknown for corporate and private users. Suppliers are not obligate to provide complete product information and there are not processes and IT-solutions in place. Corporate procurement departments use limited information about Items of procurement. As exemplified by Indominus, you have to know everything about a product to ensure safety and security, not only a few parameters that seems to be important for you. It is required to identify the complete list of features and attributes that might be applicable for the product and use the extended product information model at phases from R&D to exploitation and end of use.

Nowadays products became more and more complex, could have hundreds of attributes so managing this information is costly and time consuming. In Actualog, we have built a platform to manage product data and allow companies to reduce costs and risks related with managing and sharing product information.


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