I am poised to participate in the PIM & AI Demos and Round Table, Thu, Sep 14, 2023. It is an event that delves into one of the most critical paradigms in the realm of product information management. The integration of artificial intelligence models to enhance data quality stands as a pivotal cornerstone in determining the efficacy of modern IT systems. Such intersections of AI and PIM are not merely technological advancements, but they are reshaping the way industries function, ensuring precision, efficiency, and scalability.

At Actualog, we recognize the transformative potential of artificial intelligence models in product management. Leveraging AI empowers us to seamlessly adopt highly efficient methodologies, particularly the utilization of items of production and items of supply identification guides. Historically, the challenge with these strategies has been the significant manual effort required for templates (identification guides) creation and up-to-date support. However, with the integration of AI, we can now support supply chain management strategies that were once deemed impractical due to prohibitive costs of product data management. The fusion of AI with our traditional processes not only streamlines operations but also heralds a new era of possibilities in PIM solutions and supply chain management.



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